Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Quote of the day

"In any case, I have watched football games from every angle from the sideline in Oakland and the huddle in Frankfort, Ky., to the top row of the Superdome in New Orleans and the press box in Washington -- I have watched them in Kezar Stadium and from the deck of a big sailing yacht 500 miles south of Bermuda with naked women lolling around -- and I can tell you for sure that the best seat in any house is right in front of a high-end TV set with a few good friends who know football and like to see green money moving around the room. That is how it should be done. Selah."

                                                                                                              -Hunter S. Thompson

It's almost here.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Rites (and Wrongs) of Autumn

      The mercury is ever so slowly creeping downward.  Each day is a bit shorter.  The leaves are starting to turn.  The change of the seasons brings many things: numbing cold, work, holidays with family, the end of sitting in the sun and drinking to your hearts content.  But the trade-off for all these things is the return of my favorite institution:  The National Football League! 

      No other sports league brings me such joy and heartache.  Baseball is fun, and basketball and soccer can be a nice enough distractions during the off season, but nothing tops the excitement that the NFL brings to my life.  Football is my favorite sport, and the way I know that is the "reason test".  Its simple: for any other sport, I need a reason to watch.  Doesn't have to be a good reason: my favorite team is playing, some player I like is in the game, a record could be broken, its the playoffs or a championship match.  I'll watch curling if a gold medal is on the line.  But I always need something to draw me in, otherwise I won't really care enough to sit down and watch.

     But football is the exception.  I need no reason.  Pro, college, high school, whatever you got, I'll watch it, and I'll love it.  And of all these levels, the NFL is my favorite. So in anticipation of another great season, I've endeavored to talk about some of the things that I love and hate about professional football.  The positive things that make being a fan more enjoyable, and the negative factors which seek to suck the joy from this wonderful game of ours.  Just for semi-clarity's sake, positive things will get a fun little positive note, while negative things will get a bad note, and the extent of the note will be a pseudo gauge of my feelings about that thing.  For example, something marked "Touchdown" will be better than something marked "Field Goal".  Obviously.  And everything is colorized for your eye straining convenience! So let's make a like a fullback on the goal line and plunge right in!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ya think?

Quote of the day: "He asked me to marry him way too early. And he wasn't divorced yet. I should have known there was a problem."

-Marianne Gingrich, 2nd wife of Newt Gingrich, in this month's Esquire

I always knew Newt was a scumbag, but hearing it from (one) of his ex-wives really puts a face on his hypocritical evil. I swear with every fiber of my being that I'll do whatever necessary to keep that man out of the White House.