Monday, March 14, 2011

Badvertising: Jello Frowns on Good Grammar

I purchased some tasty Jello Pudding cups the other day, and while eating one I noticed this on the lid.  If you can't read it clearly, it has a happy face (the "O") imparting the happy lesson that "Frown is a Four Letter Word".

I get the intent, and its a very happy message, but I have to think this has big time backfire potential.  Setting aside the obvious problem (that any of these "four letter word" proverbs needs an actual four letter word in order to work!) I can imagine the discussion:

Curious Kid : "Four letter word?  But... Frown has 5 letters?  Hey Mom, why does this say its a four letter word?"

Shocked Mom: " Um... must be a mistake."

CK: "What does it mean 'four letter word'? Why would that matter how many letters it has?"

SM: (in mind: "F%!K you, pudding people!")

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